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The Lion Guard
by Victoria Saxon

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Great story in lion king franchise

Behind The Scenes At The Museum By Kate Atkinson
by Atkinson, Kate

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Wonderful characters though different time periods. The story begins from a truly unique perspective.

A Long Petal Of The Sea A Novel
by Isabel Allende

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Franco’s Spain, Pinochet ‘s Chile, but a lot going on in between. Nice plot twists

The Beekeepers Ball
by Susan Wiggs

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This is the 2nd of at least a 3 book series....and the reason for 3 stars is because this book was published in 2016 and due to an apparent publisher/contract conflict....the 3rd book is yet to be written! It is a good book about several members of an apple orchard but leaves several stories unfinished and a huge zinger at the end that would be the main emphasis of the third book.

The Mitten
by Jan Brett Books For Children

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One of our favorites!

The Winter Sea
by Susanna Kearsley

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I found this as part of the Scotland challenge and could not put it down. An author comes to Scotland to research places for her next historical fiction novel which is about the Jacobite Rebellion. As she walks in the footsteps of her characters, she realizes she is connected to them in a way she didn't think was possible.

The Paris Library
by Janet Skeslien Charles

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SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD! New Favorite! Read in 2 days and passed it on to my mom. Now, want to look up everything about the library and go there. Did not want it to end and want to know more of each character!

I've Got My Eyes On You Mary Higgins Clark
by Mary Higgins Clark

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A quick read but a break neck pace all the way through.

Megladon and Other Prehistoric Predators
by Brenda Gurr

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This book taught us thing we didn’t know before, like how the megladon lived in the neogene period. The illustrations and diagrams made the information easy to understand.

Cut And Run Allison Brennan
by Allison Breenan

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Incredible book. You will need a venn diagram to keep everything straight.

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