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Book Reviews
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I've Got My Eyes On You Mary Higgins Clark
by Mary Higgins Clark

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A quick read but a break neck pace all the way through.

Moonlight Becomes You Mary Higgins Clark
by Mary Higgins Clark

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Such a good book. I figured out some of the plot as I read it but there were quite a few surprises.

The Good Liar
by Nicholas Searle

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I read the book and watched the movie as part of a mission and really enjoyed both. It's the story of two elderly people who you discover both have secrets. I really enjoyed it as I did not see the twist at the end coming.

by Fiona Paul

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First book in the Secrets of the Eternal Rose series. An absolutely amazing look at love, honor and darkness in some human hearts.

Death Angel
by Linda Howard

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My absolute favorite Linda Howard book. It takes off like a rocket and never lets up. Characters are both relatable and untouchable.

Behind The Scenes At The Museum By Kate Atkinson
by Atkinson, Kate

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Wonderful characters though different time periods. The story begins from a truly unique perspective.

Carrie Underwood Find Your Path
by Carrie Underwood Find Your Path

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I enjoyed the small ideas to help stay on track day to day.

A Long Petal Of The Sea A Novel
by Isabel Allende

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Franco’s Spain, Pinochet ‘s Chile, but a lot going on in between. Nice plot twists

The Prince And The Witch And The Thief And The Bears
by Alastair Chisholm

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Funny story with good pictures

My Life As A Stuntboy
by Janet Tashjian

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lots of action

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