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Like Water For Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments, With Recipes, Romaces and Home Remedies
by Laura Esquivel

The chapters are divided into 12 months leading off with recipes for large crowds. I found this book hard to follow at times, but Mama Elena's proud yet strict adherence to her Mexican culture is volatile. Flying sparks and incompatible differences between mother and youngest daughter result in deadly consequences for the entire family. Tragic and sad.

Death On The Danube
by Jennifer S. Alderson

the first in a murder mystery series featuring Lara Hansen...who steps in as a tour director as a favor to a friend. This story is set as a New Year's Eve trip to Budapest. There are currently 6 books in the series each set in a new country and at a different holiday. Quick, enjoyable read with lots of interesting details about the country they are visiting.

Cross Bones By Kathy Reichs
by Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan Series

Not my favorite by Kathy Reichs but a solid Temperance Brennan novel. Ending was a surprise.

The Christmas Thief
by Mary Higgins Clark

I like mysteries and this was a nongory interesting mystery.

The Unbearable Lightness Of Scones
by Alexander Mccall Smith 44 Scotland Street Series

Scotland in Books Mission. 5th book in the series with 5 different plots. Very complex characters with lots of Scottish scenery. Highly recommend reading series from the beginning to understand each character's unique quirks and lovable adventures in Edinburgh.

When No One is Watching
by Alyssa Cole

Interesting contemporary thriller about the gentrification of neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The Paris Library
by Janet Skeslien Charles

SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD! New Favorite! Read in 2 days and passed it on to my mom. Now, want to look up everything about the library and go there. Did not want it to end and want to know more of each character!

The Presence
by Heather Graham

Great book. I loved that it was set in Scotland. A touch of romance, mystery and ghosts.

The Beekeepers Ball
by Susan Wiggs

This is the 2nd of at least a 3 book series....and the reason for 3 stars is because this book was published in 2016 and due to an apparent publisher/contract conflict....the 3rd book is yet to be written! It is a good book about several members of an apple orchard but leaves several stories unfinished and a huge zinger at the end that would be the main emphasis of the third book.

The Apple Orchard
by Susan Wiggs

romance, mystery, history, family....this novel has a little bit of everything. First book in a 2 book series about half sisters who recently discover each other and the family they share. A race against the clock to discover a missing heirloom and flashbacks to tell their grandfather's story of his time in the Dutch Resistance during WW2.
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