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Book Reviews
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Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by Jk Rowling Books

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This book was very enjoyable and a great set up to a series.

Megladon and Other Prehistoric Predators
by Brenda Gurr

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This book taught us thing we didn’t know before, like how the megladon lived in the neogene period. The illustrations and diagrams made the information easy to understand.

Dead Level
by Sarah Graves

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Off to an exciting start with a new mystery series about remodeling an old house in the country?? Not sure if the author was desperate for an audience. Great climax until she revealed the plot in Chapter 3. By then it was obvious a serial killer was on the loose and easy to guess his intentions. A wobbly subplot unrelated to Jake and Ella's dilemma pushed to read faster to the predictable conclusion. Not a mystery but a fluffy novel.

The Orphan Train Girl was a very interesting and awesome book. I couldn't put it down. I would definitely recommend this book to kids 10 and up.

Magnolia Table
by Joanna Gaines

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Great recipes

Best Kept Secrets Sandra Brown
by Sandra Brown

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Not my favorite Sandra Brown book but it was good. Definitely geared toward adults. Ending was a surprise.

Behind The Scenes At The Museum By Kate Atkinson
by Atkinson, Kate

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Wonderful characters though different time periods. The story begins from a truly unique perspective.

The Sacrifice
by Beverly Lewis

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Not my favorite book by Beverly Lewis. I loved the fact that their was more realism in this book then some by her but I was annoyed by the end result of Leah and Gideon.

The Rose Code
by Kate Quinn

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I really enjoyed this historical nonfiction book about British code-breakers during WWII. The characters were well-developed (and some were based on real people) and the story was very compelling.

The Orphan Train Girl
by Christina Baker Kline

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The book was very good. It was very detailed and it really kept me interested. I would definitely recommend this.