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Book Reviews
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The Presence
by Heather Graham

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Great book. I loved that it was set in Scotland. A touch of romance, mystery and ghosts.

A Long Petal Of The Sea A Novel
by Isabel Allende

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Franco’s Spain, Pinochet ‘s Chile, but a lot going on in between. Nice plot twists

Desperate Measures
by Barbara DeLeo

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Desperate Measures by Barbara DeLeo. I liked the Christmas and New Year holiday celebrations on Rata Cove New Zealand. Former childhood sweethearts Ellie and Cy agree to a pretend marriage based on desperation, unresolved guilt and abandonment issues from their past. Added to the mix are his son, Jonty's mutism resulting from his mom's death. Way too mushy for no romance fans. Wonder if the happy family feelings are true or a brief soap bubble moment?

by Alex Gino

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Banned Books Challenge. This title appears in one of the Banned Book articles. My curiosity got the best of me so I checked it out unaware it's a children's book. Until I read the first paragraph, I was positive George was a nickname. I applaud her bravery to speak her mind and follow her dreams. Some people believe it's overly sensitive, however it's also wrong to ignore gut feelings and fake our happiness to please others. George and her friends are role models in today's world to defend ourselves even if it creates some discomfort.

The Tombs Clive Cussler
by Clive Cussler Fargo Series

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Enjoyable Fargo book. As usual too much description at times. The climatic fight at the end was ridiculous.

My Life As A Stuntboy
by Janet Tashjian

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lots of action

Firefly Lane
by Kristen Hannah

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This book was about a friendship that spanned decades of two women who ultimately chose different paths in life. At the end it really did pull at emotions and drew some tears. In retrospect, the author attempted too great a task in one volume. The span of time and drama throughout took some impact away from the last part of the book. I felt sorrow towards the end however, what tools the author had left plot-wise were limited. I feel the agenda/purpose of highlighting inflammatory breast cancer subsumed this story. Sure, that could have happened.... however I feel that killing off a main character is a convenient way to wrap up not only the mother/daughter conflict but the betrayal experienced by the main character. I think perhaps it is a good treatise on the grace of forgiveness and the importance of letting go of petty grievances/jealousies. I had watched the Netflix series based on this novel prior to reading it and felt the series was telling a similar but different story. Do not reject the novel in place of the series. The book is probably still very satisfying for many readers.

Death Angel
by Linda Howard

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My absolute favorite Linda Howard book. It takes off like a rocket and never lets up. Characters are both relatable and untouchable.

The Lion Guard
by Victoria Saxon

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Great story in lion king franchise

Finding Dorothy A Novel By Elizabeth Letts
View in Library Catalog

great book, easy to read and enjoyable, fiction but a lot of historic information included on life of L Frank Baum and his family

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