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Book Reviews
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by Dada Jimmy Fallon

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Enjoyed book

The Orphan Train Girl
by Christina Baker Kline

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The book was very good. It was very detailed and it really kept me interested. I would definitely recommend this.

Behind The Scenes At The Museum By Kate Atkinson
by Atkinson, Kate

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Wonderful characters though different time periods. The story begins from a truly unique perspective.

The Camel Club Series By David Baldacci
by David Baldacci

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Incredible book. Both triumphant and heartbreaking in the end.

Moonlight Becomes You Mary Higgins Clark
by Mary Higgins Clark

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Such a good book. I figured out some of the plot as I read it but there were quite a few surprises.

My Life As A Stuntboy
by Janet Tashjian

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lots of action

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by Jk Rowling Books

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This book was very enjoyable and a great set up to a series.

The Apple Orchard
by Susan Wiggs

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romance, mystery, history, family....this novel has a little bit of everything. First book in a 2 book series about half sisters who recently discover each other and the family they share. A race against the clock to discover a missing heirloom and flashbacks to tell their grandfather's story of his time in the Dutch Resistance during WW2.

Monday Mourning By Kathy Reichs
by Kathy Reichs

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Such an incredible book. Kathy pulled a great twist with who was behind the kidnappings.

Firefly Lane
by Kristen Hannah

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This book was about a friendship that spanned decades of two women who ultimately chose different paths in life. At the end it really did pull at emotions and drew some tears. In retrospect, the author attempted too great a task in one volume. The span of time and drama throughout took some impact away from the last part of the book. I felt sorrow towards the end however, what tools the author had left plot-wise were limited. I feel the agenda/purpose of highlighting inflammatory breast cancer subsumed this story. Sure, that could have happened.... however I feel that killing off a main character is a convenient way to wrap up not only the mother/daughter conflict but the betrayal experienced by the main character. I think perhaps it is a good treatise on the grace of forgiveness and the importance of letting go of petty grievances/jealousies. I had watched the Netflix series based on this novel prior to reading it and felt the series was telling a similar but different story. Do not reject the novel in place of the series. The book is probably still very satisfying for many readers.

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