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Book Reviews
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Dear america The diary of Pringle rose
by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

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Liked how it told the story of the great chicago fire from a young girl's perceptive.

A Long Petal Of The Sea A Novel
by Isabel Allende

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Franco’s Spain, Pinochet ‘s Chile, but a lot going on in between. Nice plot twists

Warriors River
by Erin Hunter

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It was a great book

A Stranger on the Boat
by Mitch Albom

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It's about faith, grief, and survivors guilt.

Should I Share My Ice Cream
by Mo Willems

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So sad when Elephants ice cream fell

What I Would Tell You
by Liz Tolzma

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I received th

Bone: Ghost Circles
by Jeff Smith

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More lore more fun!

The Good Liar
by Nicholas Searle

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I read the book and watched the movie as part of a mission and really enjoyed both. It's the story of two elderly people who you discover both have secrets. I really enjoyed it as I did not see the twist at the end coming.

The red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear was a funny book. There was squeals if joy throughout the whole book.

Guarded Deputy
by Fabiola Francisco

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Cute book! I wish there was a little more build up between the time Lizzy and Nate met and when they got together. It seemed to happen quickly and passively.