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The Secret Keeper
by Beverly Lewis Amish Books

wordy at times but the story kept me engaged. Wrapped up with too much exposition for my taste.

Dear Even Hansen
by Steven Levitsky

I loved this book. It tackles some of the hardest thoughts that the narrator has head on. The story pushes you to see things from all different perspectives and help you appreciate how not correcting a simple misunderstanding can snowball and include the entire community.

by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

This audiobook was amazing! Not only was the story gripping, the characters realistic, and the ending surprising, but the audiobook is a full cast experience! The authors tell the whole story through emails, interviews, and video transcription/ narration, and the story that they tell involves spaceship’s AI going full Hal while a zombie-esque plague breaks out on board the spaceship that is currently running away from the evil corporation’s ship that wants to kill everyone aboard. And the ending was amazing! I finished the whole audiobook in about 3 days, and I’ve already borrowed the second one in the trilogy

Storm Runner
by Jc Cervantes

This Rick Riordan Presents book felt too much like a Percy Jackson wannabe to me. Monster (demon runner instead of harpy) attacks kid with a disability (a limp instead of dyslexia), who then teams up with a beautiful supernatural girl to save the world from angry gods and find out his own godly dad. As much as I enjoyed the Aztec/ Mayan mythology, I wasn’t a huge fan of the book itself, though some of that may have been my dislike of the narrator who sounded like a middle aged man with a head cold instead of a middle school boy.

City Of The Plague God
by Sarwat Chadda

This very engaging book uses Mesopotamian mythology as the basis for a modern day plague that hits a little too close to home in this post-Covid time. It deals with Islamaphobia as well as the usual middle grade issues of family and school. Plus, it really stretched my recollection of the story of Gilgamesh, which I had not read since college. All in all, very enjoyable

Race To The Sun
by Rebecca Roanhorse

This Rick Riordan Presents novel is based in Navajo mythology. It has a female main character who teams up with her younger brother and scholarly best friend to save her dad from monsters. I wasn’t a huge fan of the main character, and I felt the story dragged a bit in terms of her quest. It might appeal more to the middle grade audience it was written for, as it does not have the same universal appeal of other books in the imprint

Mark of Evil
by Tim Lahaye

Absolutely stunningly realistic ending to this great series. My only criticism is it definitely got wordy at times

Pigs Make Me Sneeze
by Mo Willems

I like this book because it was silly.

Dinotrux Dig The Beach
by Chris Gall

This book was ok but I think my brother would like it more. They made a really really really big sand castle.

Lion Lessons
by Jon Agee

I like this book because at the end of the story the neighbor cats won't leave him alone and that's silly.
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